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How to: Brunette to Blonde at home.

Googling going from brunette to blonde is so frustrating. I find forum upon forum discussing how you should go to the salon, How you need to spend a fortune, how you can do it at home with some obscure peroxide and developer and a certain percentage… and so on. I’m not a hair dresser, so these percentage ratios are wasted on me despite doing science as a career. I’m also not afraid of doing things myself. So here is how I went from brunette to blonde at home. Using drugstore products and without wrecking my hair or looking like a scare crow.

It took two months to get to this blonde….

Wish List April!

River Island-Grey eyelash tank £18 (here),   River Island-Sandals £35.00 (here), ASOS Ridley busted knee jeans £30.00 (here), Anomie-teakwood & tobacco pomme frites candle co. $16.00 (here), Missguided- Beatrina Contrast Tailored Playsuit In Powder Blue £24.99 (here), Bobbi Brown- skin foundation stick £29.00 (here), Minusey- Isabelle oversized coat $79.99 (here).

Get the look: Kim Kardashian.

I'm not afraid to admit that I love the Kardashians! I watch all their shows, follow them on social media, my mum even got me one of their books for Christmas and some of their make-up. OBSESSED! Especially with their style.

Where have you been?

OOTD ft.Bella the Cocker Spaniel.

I apologise for been so neglectful with my blogging, for those who don’t know I am back at university doing a Masters in Biomedical Science and was swamped with deadlines and exams before Christmas right through to last week….excuses….excuses.


Celine Check skater shoe £450.

There are 4 items I am currently obsessing over. I keep getting random urges to get into debt and buy them, then reality kicks back in.

Sugar + Style Bloggers Programme.

I was recently introduced to Sugar + Style, a website/brand that provides super cute clothing and accessories. They do really sweet party dresses to on trend knits and it's all very affordable.

Face of the day!

Quick post sharing products used for this make up look or FOTD (face of the day- I don't know if that's an actual tag...oh well). Simple base with a cat flick eye and a bold red/orange lip. I also fancied a change so opted for a centre parting, I’m not too sure if I like seeing so much forehead!

Tshirt- Primark.
Lipstick- Mac ‘Neon Orange’.

My first ever video tutorial! Cut crease smoky eye and big hair.

So I made a video tutorial of my Victoria’s secret inspired look, well I say that …it’s basically a cut crease eye and bouncy hair. I know it’s not a great video: the camera doesn't focus when I want it to, at one point I’m ‘contouring’…yeah if contour means put a massive blob of bronzer in the centre of your forehead? I can’t figure out how to make the music loop, I love the timelapse/fast forward thing a bit too much and the end is pretty cringe! But at least my squeaky Yorkshire voice doesn't feature in the video. Oh well, live and learn.

Back to university- first day outfit.

This is a bit late, but better late than never. I started back at university 3 weeks ago now, and boy is it intense! (Hence the lack of blog posts). I have loads of extra reading and assignment research to do, never mind commuting every day since I opted to live at home. My whole life is University at the moment and I’m really struggling to find time to blog and exercise; I’m guessing these things will improve once I get into the routine.

Victoria’s Secret Haul.

A couple of weeks back Victoria’s Secret opened in Leeds. Now for those who don’t know what Victoria’s secret is, it’s an American lingerie store that also sells nightwear and also has a little sister brand called ‘Pink’ which sells gym wear, loungewear and lingerie.

Fresher’s Survival Kit.

I go back to university this week. I previously did a Bachelor of Science degree (with honours) in biomedical science, and I am now returning to do a masters in the same degree. This means leaving the world of employment (well not really, I’m going part time as I need the dollar!) and returning to a life of lectures, library sessions and meeting deadlines for the next year.

Liverpool: Make-up lesson, haul & dining.

After my make-up lesson at Peaches & Cream.
My boyfriend is from Liverpool so this means I spend a fair bit of time there.  I went yesterday to see him and thought I'd book in for a make-up lesson at peaches and cream. They do hair and make up as well as sell gorgeous jewellery , hair accessories, makeup ,even bejewelled festival bras! Girl heaven.

Make-up of the day- Bold purple smokes.

Just a quick post of today's make-up. I was experimenting with purples since summer pretty much over and autumn is coming! I've listed all the products used below. Please excuse the awful hair!!!(I let it dry naturally and couldn't be bothered to fight it with the straighteners!)

OOTD : Meal with friends.

 A few weeks back my friend graduated with a First in her Pharmacy degree (Congratulations Vicky!!) and to celebrate she had a meal at an Indian in Knaresborough with her family and friends .It was 25°c +and I wanted something cool but still dressy to wear.

The fake tan disaster saviour!

This is a super quick post to share a little tip with you all. Now if anyone fake tans they know that after a while it wears off and your left patchy and in need of laborious scrubbing and even then some patches get missed.

Illamasqua Hydraveil/Astra lift?

 I love illamasqua products and have a lot in my collection so when I saw they were bringing out a moisturising base I was intrigued. I use their rich liquid foundation as it has amazing coverage however it can be drying and cakey at times, so I thought this base would be the solution.

Maybelline Baby Lips.

They've finally reached the UK! After been raved about in America I really wanted to try the Maybelline Baby lips so went on a hunt as soon as it was released over here. The only one I could get my hands one was the ‘Intense Repair’ (which is probably the one I’d have got initially anyway, though the cherry and mint do sound yum!).

LBD and Midi Rings Bargains.

Just a quick post; I thought I'd do a little purchase update. I spend most weekends in Liverpool with my better half and a few weeks back we had to go into town to get his mate a birthday present. I was good and bought some rings and he bought me a Rihanna dress in the Riverisland sale.

Fighting ageing with Anthelios XL.

I may be a little late for UK readers with this post since the sunshine peaked about two weeks ago and now we are left with our usual grey skies and rain, however even if it’s not sunny those pesky UV rays still cause damage to our skin, causing use to age and be wrinkly wrinkletons.

Illamasqua Gel Liner.

My staple make up is usually foundation, bold blush, brows , a nude lip and cat flick eyes. 
Dior Airflash foundation, Illamasqua loose powder, Mac Prep+Prime Highlighter pen in  'light boost',HD brows, NYC showtime mascara, Illamasqua gel liner, Fashionista blush in 'Rose Glow', Mac 'Myth' Lipstick.Necklace Nelly.com. Rings H&M.

Loreal miceller solution.

For a while I have been wanting to try the bioderma miceller solution but just haven't got round to buying it off the Internet . So one day I was In asda and saw this loreal version which my boyfriend kindly bought me (it was more of a bribe to stop me looking at the make-up and magazines!)

Mua polish : Amaretto crush.

I recently went on a mini spree on the MUA website after seeing how ridiculously cheap the products were. Once of the items I purchased was this nail polish in 'Amaretto crush', which is a rose pink colour and is one of the newly released seasonal shades.

The Jeffrey Campbell/Steve Madden dupe!

The sun is finally out and my new go to sandals are these beauties from missguided. They are clear with gold studs on and because they are clear they virtually go with any outfit so no need to worry about co-ordinating.

NYC show time mascara.

I'm always on the hunt for a mascara that give me tarantula lashes but sleeker! As you have already gathered I love the NYC big bold lashes as they tick all the boxes:

New Heel love!

I'm always looking on zara , nelly and river island at the heeled sandals ,so imagine my joy when I saw some in primark for £12.

My new clutch bag!

I follow Fanny Lyckman's blog on nelly.com and love her super cool style, so when I saw she was doing a range for Estradeur I was excited.

Lush Cupcake Facemask.

I try to treat my skin at least once a week to some form of mask, and this week I've been using the lush 'cupcake' mask as my brothers girlfriend gave me it as she had prom coming up and didn't want to risk a breakout!

Drug store mini haul

I went into town the other day and picked up a few items; I repurchased the Nivea in shower body moisturiser after finishing my last bottle and enjoying the hassle free way of keeping my skin moisturised and meaning I can moisturise less after the shower and maintain soft skin ( it's also good for fake tanners, as it helped my fake tan fade more evenly).I decided to go for the big bottle as it was on offer in super drug and also my last smaller bottle only lasted just over a month with every day use, hopefully this one shall last long.

My everyday travel make-up.

So last Christmas my boyfriend bought me a travel brush set, at the time I was a bit confused as I don't know anyone who uses mini brushes and they always end up in some drawer collecting dust.

Zara Sale Buys.

After going into zara and longing for so many items but not been able to justify parting with my money (since losing weight I seem to be spending more on beauty items,I must be holding out for clothes until I achieve my Victoria secret bod), the sale has finally arrived and the guilt subsided!

Nivea in shower body lotion review.

After seeing adverts for this product on the tv and posters I was intrigued! The idea of moisturising without feeling tacky in your clothes afterwards was definitely appealing. now it's getting warmer (no one wants dry lizard legs) moisturiser is a must. So I headed to boots and got the more intense moisturiser containing the almond oil, I wouldn't say I have dry skin but I was dubious whether it would work so wanted the more concentrated one.

May Favourites.

Hello June! And hello sunshine!

I’m falling so far behind with blogging it’s unreal! So sorry! I’ve been so busy with work and just haven’t had the time.

Anyway apologies done, let’s see what products I’ve been loving the past month. It’s all make-up this month, however I have got some other beauty products I’m trying out and I promise to post about them and let you know my verdict.

OOTD 04/05/2013

I'm back! Sorry for the lack of posts last month, been working like a baller. haha...well I haven't i've just been working and busy and haven't worn anything but work clothes and I have been so good and not caved into my usual shopping addiction. Good for me, bad for my blog.

Guest post for Danielfootwear.com

I did a guest post for Daniel Footwear! If you want to check it out i'll put the link below :) It's just me drooling over Michael Kors bags and wishing I was a fabulous as Kim K.